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Homemade/Country wines

This is how I make Bramble tip wine, there are different methods and I have not gone into great detail. Making homemade wine is basically the same, it`s just getting/extracting the flavours that is different.

Picking the Bramble tip, although soft they can still prick you.

Wash the tips to get rid of any dirt or bugs

Pour over boiling water to extract the flavour and leave to stand. Add the sugar and grape concentrate.

When cool, drain into a sterialised demi-john.

Add the citric acid.

Add the yeast nutrient.

Add the yeast....

.... fit an air-lock and wait.

Two days later and it`s fermenting away nicely.

Click picture to see fermentation bubbles.

Everyday for the first week or so, you should give the wine a shake to release the carbon dioxide gases. The gases can inhibit the yeast and so stop the production of alcohol and we dont want that do we ?!

After a while the bubbles will start to slow down, check the wine with a hydrometer to see how dry the wine is.If you would like a stronger wine then add more sugar but only a little at time because the wine will only tolerate so much, it may kill the yeast.

As you can see from this picture, the hydrometer has sunk down to `dry`. If you prefer a dry wine then stop the fermentation.

I`m adding 8oz`s of sugar to make the wine a little more stronger and as you can see from the froth, the yeast seems to like a bit more sugar.

As you can see, the wine has finnished it`s fermentation so the yeast is dying and settling down to the bottom of the demi-john. I will leave it for a few days to settle. Then i`ll rack it off the sediment and `stop it`

A sterile demi-john is placed lower than the demi-john ready for `racking`.A pipe is put in the first deni-john carefully so as not to disturb the sediment at the bottom.You then suck the pipe until the wine starts flowing down the pipe and then you put the other end of the pipe into the sterile demi-john and gravity will do the rest. No cheating now, dont let the wine run into your mouth !!

The wine flowing into the sterile demi-john by gravity.

Now you can `stop` the wine by adding Potassium sorbate,this will kill the yeast, so be sure the wine has stopped fermenting or has reached your desired strength you require.

Add a crushed camben tablet ( Sodium metabisulphite ) to stabilise the wine. Shake the demi-john to release the gases.

Now we add the wine clearer. I use Kwik clear.

First add finnings A which is a Kieselol solution and then shake after half an hour add finnings B, Gelatine solution.

Then give the wine a good shake and leave to settle.This usually takes between 1 to 3 days. or you could just put the wine somewhere cool and dark so that it clears on it`s own but this could take a long time.

The wine has now cleared and is ready to be syphoned off for the last time.

A sterile demi-john is ready for the final wine.

Click picture for the movie, please wait for the download.

Fit an air-lock that allows gases out but no air to get in. These air-locks do not have water in them, so that the water cannot accidentally drop into the wine and contaminate it. Put the wine in a cool, dark environment to mature. For the best results leave for a year., but of course you can drink it straight away....wellll, you`ve worked hard making it, so a little reward wont go amiss !!

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